After Miami Dolphins Owner Fired Head Coach Brian Flores, Only Two Black Head Coaches Remain in NFL

The term Black Monday has taken on a different meaning in recent years. After the NFL season is typically over, the Monday after the season ends is when coaches are usually given their walking papers, especially after a disastrous season or failed seasons at the helm.

This year’s version of Black Monday has left the NFL with only two Black football coaches after the Miami Dolphins surprisingly terminated now-former head coach Brian Flores on Monday.

“I made a decision today to part ways with Brian Flores,” said Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross in a written statement.

“After evaluating where we are as an organization and what we need going forward to improve, I determined that key dynamics of our football organization weren’t functioning at a level I want it to be and felt that this decision was in the best interest of the Miami Dolphins. I believe we have a talented young roster in place and have the opportunity to be much better in 2022. I want to thank Brian for his hard work and wish him nothing but the best in his future.”

With the shocking firing of Flores, a Black football coach, there now are only two Black head coaches heading teams in the NFL currently. The Houston Texans’ David Culley and Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin remain the only coaches leading their teams. According to reports, Flores reportedly has had more success as a coach than several white coaches who have worse won-loss records.

A white NFL reporter, Doug Farrar, states the obvious in a recent Tweet regarding the disparity in the league when it comes to the treatment of Black coaches in the league.

Flores graciously thanked the Miami Dolphins organization.

“I am grateful most of all for the players, coaches, and support staff who gave everything they had on a daily basis to help us win games. They deserve the credit for any success on the field, and it was the honor of a lifetime for me to go to work with them every day. I have always believed that leadership is really about service, and I did my best to serve the players, the staff, and the organization every day. I believe in this team and will always value the relationships my family and I made here,”