White OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Was Recorded Calling Black Boyfriend N-Word

White OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Was Recorded Calling Black Boyfriend N-Word

The white OnlyFans model charged with the murder of her Black boyfriend in their Miami condo can be heard hurling racial slurs in newly released recordings.

According to NBC Miami, these recordings appeared to come from Christian “Toby” Obumseli’s cell phone in the weeks before he was killed on April 3. The audio reveals numerous arguments in which Courtney Clenney repeatedly calls him the N-word.

In one extremely heated clip, Clenney, 26, was upset that Obumseli did not make her aware that he had greeted a woman while on a bicycle ride.

Obumseli can be heard apologizing, but Clenney tells him to “man up b—-.”

“Shut up and let me slap you, dumb a–!,” she later says in the recording, then demands him to find her phone. “Find my f—— phone and charge it!”

“I was on a bike ride, and she passed me and I said, hi,” Obumseli later tells Clenney. “That doesn’t mean you can call me a f—ing [inaudible].”

The recordings, which were released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, and which were first obtained by the Miami Herald, are now evidence in the second-degree murder case against Clenney.

As BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported, the couple had dated for two years and lived together for a few months. According to Miami-Dade prosecutors, the pair had been involved in an “extremely tempestuous and combative” relationship.

Miami Police bodycam video shows officers responding to the condo building after a domestic dispute was called in just two days before the fatal stabbing. She told officers that Obumseli attempted to attack her and pleaded with them for a restraining order against him.

In response to the recordings, Clenney’s attorneys released a statement Wednesday identifying their client as a domestic violence victim who acted in self-defense when she punctured Obumseli’s chest with a knife.

“She’s not going to trial for her lifestyle, her previous arguments, or recorded rants. She is going to trial for defending herself against a violent struggle with her ex-boyfriend for which she feared for her life; Courtney is a victim of domestic abuse,” the statement read, per NBC Miami.

“Snapshots of ‘evidence’ without any context will prevent our client from receiving a fair trial, where the evidence will show that Courtney acted in self-defense.”