Organizing Your Home for Less

Organizing Your Home For Less

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bathroom clutter

For instance, placing all your cosmetics in a decorative box under your bathroom cabinet may be tidy, but it’s neither functional nor sustainable. Since you use these items frequently, they will likely end up strewn about drawers and countertops more often than tucked behind cabinet doors. Instead, organize your makeup by type within the top drawer of your vanity for easy access. Use shallow square and rectangular trays from the dollar store, and place Velcro tabs on the bottom of each tray to adhere them to the drawer. No more rolling items every time you open the drawer.

This strategy can be applied elsewhere in your home, including the “junk” drawer in your kitchen or the utility cabinet in your garage. The trick is to organize spaces well enough that replacing items once you’ve used them becomes habit.

Maintain organization with self-discipline.
It doesn’t matter how organized you become; the moment you start to accumulate more stuff, you’ll be surrounded by the very clutter you sought to eliminate in the first place. Before you buy anything new, remember the criterion you used during the decluttering phase. Keep only what you use, what you love, and what you need.

It takes time to go through your house and cut out the clutter, and really it’s a never-ending task. Stuff will always find its way into your house–especially with kids! Take the time to keep evaluating and editing what you’re accumulating. For more tips on how to keep your home organized and clutter free, visit