Original ‘Dreamgirl’ Sheryl Lee Ralph ‘Hurt’ About Not Being Included In the Remake

The iconic star Sheryl Lee Ralph has never been one to mince words when it comes to how she feels.

In a recent interview with Essence Magazine, the Emmy-winning actress revealed that she was ‘hurt’ not being included in the 2006 remake of ‘Dreamgirls.’ Ralph was one of the original Dreamgirls for the 1981 original production, alongside Loretta Devine and Jennifer Holliday.

Jackee Harry, who was interviewing Ralph, pointed out the fact that the Dreamgirls alum didn’t get her flowers or receive proper recognition for the remake.

The 66-year-old spoke about how she really felt.

“Whatever that choice was, it hurt my feelings, because we literally created Dreamgirls,” Ralph said.

There were so many things they could’ve done. They could have added us, but the choice was made not to. And God and Goddess know why.”

Starring Anika Noni Rose, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, the remake received critical acclaim, including Hudson walking away with the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Ralph was the original ‘Deena’ played by Beyonce. Like a class act, the veteran actress took the high road and has since moved on to bigger and better. However, Harry advised not “to get amnesia.”

Since leaving her Broadway roots, Ralph has entertained us for years as some of our favorite characters and villains. She made us all upset trying to stop Lauryn Hill from pursuing her singing aspirations in Sister Act 2 but then disciplined her way into our hearts as the fair but stern stepmother on the hit show, Moesha. Now, she is making us laugh each week as the hilariously witty Barbara on Abbott Elementary.

The legendary actresses bought the conversation back around, giving each other their crowns. Both acknowledged the fact that it is ‘rare’ to still be working in Hollywood over 60. With all the challenges, Ralph says ‘she loves what she does.’ “I want people to be happy, feel seen and know that things are possible.”

Watch the full episode here.