Meet the 'OUI The People' Founder Who Is Redesigning the Shaving Experience

Meet the Black Woman Redesigning the Shaving Experience

Karen Young (Image: OUI The People)

The beauty industry, as reflected in mainstream media, has normalized the psychological effects of certain beauty standards all over the world. Often we try to fit into someone else’s definition rather than realizing our own worth. What we don’t realize is that self-criticism often has negative effects on our mind and body.

A Black woman is working to revolutionize the way we perceive our beauty through positive dialogue, and inclusivity.

OUI The People founder Karen Young wants to help you improve your relationship with shaving and beauty with state-of-the-art hand-crafted razor blades made in Germany. After years of working in the beauty industry, Young has witnessed the major gaps in inclusivity and sustainability that reflected in various brands’ consumer-facing marketing. Now she’s on a mission to make it right.

“I founded OUI The People because I suffered from terrible razor burn and ingrown hairs. I also knew that men had more choices than women. As an adult, when I wanted to gift a man in my life with something beautiful and useful, I often went for a safety razor. ” she told

“It struck me that I was not only having a terrible experience shaving, but that the very act of shaving was far from luxurious. I wanted to create something that felt tailor-made to women,” she added.

Young is proud to be the first Black woman that has set out to transcend the shaving experience. As she calls it, the “reConstitution of Beauty” seeks to celebrate your softness and your strength. Oui The People creates products that are undoubtedly for the people.

Each Oui The People razor “is a modern version of a timeless tool, hand-crafted in Germany with a weighted handle and a special non-aggressive angle,” Young described in the interview. “The blade glides over the top of the skin, hugging a woman’s curves and edges to deliver a close, irritation-free shave.” Made from 100% stainless steel, all razors are sustainable and eco-friendly.

“I’ve only ever wanted to be a founder, but I’ve never shied away from being a Black woman, and I revel in the fact that our creativity and business acumen is finally being seen,” she said.