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Store Owner Apologizes After ESPN Writer Marc Spears Says He Was Racially Profiled

The co-host of the Hulu series, “The Conversations Project,” Marc Spears took to social media to discuss a recent brush with alleged racism

The feeling of being racially profiled is never a good experience, and it doesn’t matter your income level. A Black co-host of the Hulu series The Conversations Project and a sports writer at ESPN, Marc Spears took to social media to discuss a recent brush with racism when he visited a store in California‘s Bay Area.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Spears wrote on his social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook that, while at Anthem Interiors, a home furnishing store, he was allegedly racially profiled as he shopped at the store located in Healdsburg. He stated that he and several friends, who were all Black, entered Anthem Interiors and immediately felt the cold stares.

He wrote on his Instagram page, “On this night, however, while enjoying Healdsburg, my friends and I, all African-American, were racially profiled at a store in Healdsburg called @antheminteriors by the two employees. When things like that happen, I get angry inside and feel pressure to buy something expensive to prove my worth and they’re wrong. After refraining from the urge, I tried to give the lady that worked there the benefit of the doubt by asking if she knew where the nearest bathroom was.”

At this point, he explains that she directed him to the police station across the street and added, “It will be OK. They won’t arrest you.”

After hearing that response, he stated they immediately left and found another store that allowed him to use the restroom.

The media outlet also stated that the owner of the store, Janelle Loevner, responded privately to Spears to apologize for what took place, but she also didn’t think it was based on racial profiling. “I’m deeply sorry that was his experience.”

“I worked really long and hard to build a solid business. I care deeply about the community, my employees, about all of it — so for this to happen, it’s just devastating,” Loevner said.

Spears felt that her apology was sincere.

Loevner also wrote a response to Spears’ post and explained that they send all customers who want to use a restroom to the police station, so it wasn’t an isolated incident directed specifically at Spears and his friends.

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Spears accepted the apology and advised Loevner to have her employees make guests feel welcome “upon entrance.”

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