Part II: Score A-List PR on a Shoestring Budget

Public relations is free, however, it takes time and work. Are you ready?

A few weeks ago, I wrote on how social media is transforming the business culture and why it’s imperative to join the movement (See Social Media: The New Currency). As your PR expert, allow me to equip you with the necessary tools and continue the discussion on brand building for your multi-million dollar enterprise (speak into existence).

Now that you’ve begun to implement the steps from Part I: Score A-List PR on a Shoestring Budget,” here are additional tips used daily by successful business women and leaders:

Create content. Participate on the Web and promote your business unique quotient. Solidify your expert status in your respective field by creating a Blog (an online journal about your business) and Vlog (video blog which tells a story under three minutes). A great and economical resource is a Kodak Z18 Pocket Video Camera in HD ($179.95).

Join a professional organization. Many national organizations in your respective profession have a local chapter — participate and become a member to enjoy the benefits of effective networking and pitching.

Promote your competition. If you are excellent at what you do then don’t be afraid to promote the “other” company, to the media so you can become a resource of information and a tastemaker. For example: I promote other “experts” in my field since I operate from the principle that not everything is for me and what’s for me is simply mine.

Hire a PR coach or expert. Turn to the experts to create a budget and plan that will masterfully help your media profile grow. An hourly rate or per project rate of $250 per hour (average cost), is well worth the investment in crafting a message, navigating the media maze and making introductions. Visit the National Black Public Relations Society for suggestions.

Advertise. The daily/weekly newspapers are battling economic woes and competition from the digital space and are in need of your business. Call an ad salesperson to determine a fiscally sound package to get your business out there and masterfully leverage a story in the deal.

Incorporate your tagline. Branding is about consistency and impressions. Use your e-mails to build brand awareness by promoting yourself as an expert each time. My tagline is “Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert.”

Get feedback. Do they like the message? Is there any way to make it better? Try Survey Monkey to poll how your company is doing and to learn about the competition.

Lastly, just do it.

Have these tips been helpful? How were you able to implement them?

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