[Passion to Purpose] How Criminal Justice Professional Charles A. Brown Motivates via His ‘No Quotes’ Motivational Speaking Platform

Name: Charles A. Brown

Profession: Criminal justice professional, motivational speaker


Charles A. Brown was talented in education and athletics, which provided him the opportunity to attend Wilmington College of Ohio. Discovering his path through criminal justice, Brown’s purpose stems from enlightening others, and helping them build their future to achieve their dreams.

Brown’s purpose led him to follow his dream of becoming a motivational speaker. He began his own motivational speaking platform in 2013 called No Quotes, a social movement that promotes substantive character. This movement supports purpose and responsibility that is achieved through growth, fertile for the mind and spirit, while also fostering maturity. Since launching No Quotes, Brown has successfully expanded his brand in the Knoxville, Tennessee community. He has had many speaking engagements, and, most recently, spoke at Pellissippi St. Community College in Tennessee.

In addition to establishing the platform for his brand No Quotes, Brown continues to work in criminal justice, with an extensive list of cases and private investigations. His extensive resume, hard work, dedication, and passion for helping others follow their dreams makes him a great role model for young professionals.


BE MODERN MAN: How did you know and when did you realize this is what you were meant to do? 

Charles A. Brown: I’m an ex-athlete, who received an opportunity to get a private liberal arts education. Initially, I had no idea of what I wanted to do. But, I discovered my path through criminal justice, and my ability to communicate as an advocate for individuals charged with crimes. For half of my life, I’ve been employed—both on the state and federal levels—as a criminal defense investigator.


BEMM: How do leaders, like you, break through the static and make an impact among your peers?

CAB: In association with task completion— [with] communication and the ability to be understood. The hustle and bustle of current, daily life may affect the details needed to complete certain tasks. Currently, in society, texts and emails have replaced the sincerity of eye-contact. It’s for this reason, young people today find it hard to speak with people directly. Sometimes the perception of ideas within a text may, indeed, be misleading. There’s a huge difference between talking at [someone] and speaking with [them]. Within any business venture, the key to success is understanding—providing the parties achieve this mutual mindset.


BEMM: The BE Modern Man tagline is, “It is our normal to be extraordinary.” What makes you unique and stand apart from the crowd?

CAB: When I was a child, I was told that the simplest of tasks requires some sort of experience. As I grew [older], I began to realize that , regardless of the book knowledge you receive, oftentimes, common sense leads to the best decisions. I strive to learn from each and every life-altering experience, in the hopes of not repeating the same mistakes and/or behaviors. As an adult, I should not be drawn to the same ideological tendencies as when I was an adolescent. I should recall prior business and/or personal occurrences, and use this knowledge and/or experience toward the desired outcome, [which will] hopefully be more positive, than negative. These life tools are not taught in books, but gained through lifelong experiences.


BEMM: As a man with a strong character, how do you see your own impact within your community?

CAB: [By] being the same person that I am in the community, as the person I am at home. [Also by] remaining consistent. My words, insight, actions, and character must stand for something in the community, as well as at home.

I’m active as a professional in the legal community, a mentor with the 100 Black Men of Greater Knoxville, in addition to being a community presenter for various youth organizations, such as Austin East High School, UUNIK Academy, Pellissippi St. Community College, Vine Middle School, Young Black Achievers, and so on.

Mentoring in the street also means mentoring at home. I’m a mutual breadwinner in our home, and mutual caregiver and supporter of my career-oriented wife and our daughters.  As I sometimes did in athletics, I attempt to carry the baton both in the community and at home. Hopefully together, we can win.

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