AGAIN? Pastor John Gray Accused of Cheating On His Wife With A Masseuse

AGAIN? Pastor John Gray Accused of Cheating On His Wife With A Masseuse

Pastor John Gray is being accused of cheating on his wife once again by controversial YouTube personality Tasha K.

Last week, Tasha K posted a video calling out the popular South Carolina pastor of Relentless Church after allegedly having a personal conversation with a woman claiming to be the religious leader’s mistress.

“‘He’s sending me Cashapps, he said he’s going to move me to Atlanta. He’s gonna buy me a house. He’s gonna buy me a car,'” Tasha claimed the alleged mistress told her.

The vlogger explained the alleged mistress’ claims that she had had virtual sessions with the pastor for a month before realizing he was the well-known Pastor John Gray. Tasha claims the woman was virtually pleasing Gray over the phone and being told she would receive all of the material possessions.


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But after pleasing Gray, the alleged mistress was left dissatisfied. Fellow YouTube personality Larry Reid stepped into the situation to get some clarity on the alleged affair.

Reid posted a video offering his update on the allegations after having his own personal conversation with the alleged mistress. He also revealed the video the alleged mistress sent Tasha K confirming her alleged relations with Gray.

“I know that Pastor John Gray is not wicked, he is wounded,” Reid said. “He’s not telling his whole story.”

Reid touched on the deep-rooted pain Pastor Gray is possibly experiencing personally that he is not comfortable sharing with the public.

After speaking with the alleged mistress, Reid says the woman has never met Gray personally, her relations with Gray were all virtual.

“They did not fr*ck,” Reid claimed, using a variation of the curse word.


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Tasha and Reid also came together to rehash their findings and continue putting Gray on blast.

The latest allegations come three years after Gray appeared on The Real and owned up to cheating on his wife. The Grays made headlines in 2019 after taking to the pulpit to call out “the strange women,” tempting the pastor.