You Can Now Generate More Revenue on Patreon

You Can Now Generate More Revenue on Patreon

Kit, a platform launched a little over two years ago to help people discover products worth purchasing was recently acquired by Patreon, a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. The idea took off as YouTubers, Twitch streamers, bloggers, and creators of all types used Kit to share their favorite products with their fans and followers.

Patreon x Kit (Image: Medium)


“As creators continued sharing the behind-the-scenes view of their favorite gear, several also started earning substantial revenue from their kits—in many cases, enough to make a meaningful living,” stated CEO and Co-founder of Kit, Camille Hearst in a recent release. According to the statement, Kit has helped creators generate tens of millions in product sales and creators earn tens of thousands of dollars each month from the simple, beautiful product lists they’ve created with Kit.

The platform was designed by creators for creators and included everyone from designers to musicians to writers, and photographers, which gave the founders a competitive advantage when going to market. With millions of users and over a million products recommended on Kit, the platform has helped countless creators generate revenue as it scaled very quickly.

Content Creator, Marques Brownlee (Image: Kit)


This peaked Patreon’s interest and they felt that Kit had the perfect synergy when it came to their platform. “At Patreon, we’ll be able to continue our commitment to connecting creators and fans and followers and to make it easier to reward creativity and expertise,” said Hearst. With the additional resources, Kit will focus on merchandising and create features that give creators a simple way to deliver their products to their members.

Content Creator, Issa Rae (Image: Patreon)


Initially, Kit raised $2.5 million from several investors including Precursor, Expa, #Angels, Social Capital, and Stanford’s StartX, in addition to select angel investors, although the financial terms of this deal have yet to be disclosed. The core of Kit’s team will be joining Patreon in their San Francisco headquarters.