Patrick Beverly Says Hip-Hop is to Blame for Ja Morant’s Troubles

Ja Morant has to complete a counseling program after he flashed a gun during an Instagram Live video. 

The Memphis Grizzlies guard also allegedly got into an altercation with a teenager during a pickup basketball game. 

During an interview with Barstool Sports, Patrick Beverley said that Morant’s troubles are because of hip-hop. 

“Lost his mind. Parenting, parenting,” Beverley told Barstool Sports earlier this week before pivoting to Morant’s surroundings.

Beverly also suggested that fame is to blame.  

“Fame mixed with success mixed with a ton of money mixed with a ton of freedom in the wrong hands, it’s not a good poster,” Beverley said.

Beverley added, “I think music has a lot to do with this now. Especially with this culture. Everyone holding a gun in the video is okay. You know, bling on your teeth is okay. Pants half down your ass, that’s okay. So, that’s okay now. Back in the day, there was a motherf—er on the beach in a silk shirt talking about some ‘Yeah baby, let’s party like we’re in the 80s.’ Everybody had on silk shirts, and everybody was dressed the same. It’s just a product of what we listen to. 

“The culture now is ‘shoot them up, bang bang, bang bang shoot them up, bend you over, I got this amount money, I’m on private jets,’ That’s what the younger generation is. Sadly to say, it should be based on our music, but it is mostly based on what we listen to, and that’s how it is. Eminem come out, and Eminem was rapping, ‘Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy,’ he had on a hoodie. Everybody back then had on a hoodie and big jeans. If Eminem would’ve came out like, ‘Yeah I carry pipes, I carry straps, I got 12 guns,’ every White kid in America would’ve had a f—ing gun on them back then.”