Patrick Mahomes Helped Pay $100,000 To Turn Arrowhead Stadium Into A Polling Place

Since winning the Super Bowl and Most Valuable Player honors earlier this year, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been keeping himself busy with accomplishments that rival any successful superstar athlete. His latest feat: helping to foot the bill to allow Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chefs play, to be used as a polling place on Election Day, according to

Mahomes and his foundation split the $100,000 cost.

“I thought it was very important,” Mahomes said on the Huddle & Flow podcast with NFL Network’s Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter. “Not only just to get as many people out to vote as possible, but also to use a place as Arrowhead, where we have a lot of fun, show a lot of love, a unity where people coming together and use that as a place where we can come together and vote and use our voice.”

Although the Chiefs’ quarterback is a registered voter, this was the first time he placed a ballot in the presidential election. The 25-year-old player was registered in 2016 while in college but didn’t vote. As he is about to be a father, he knew it was his civic duty to do so this year.

“I think you start to pay attention more and more of what’s going on around you,” Mahomes said. “And as you get older and as you mature and as the discussion and the talk has really become such a big ordeal, you really understand more and more of how it affects you every single day. And so I’m just glad that I had the opportunity that I can vote and can use my voice and in whatever way possible.”

Earlier this year, he became the highest-paid athlete in NFL history. Mahomes, a part-owner of the Kansas City Royals, also became the youngest sports team owner at 24 years old.

Today, Mahomes was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week.