Patriots Tight End Martellus Bennett’s Twitter Storm: #StayWokeBruh

Patriots Tight End Martellus Bennett’s Twitter Storm: #StayWokeBruh




Fresh from the New England Patriots’ stunning comeback win at Super Bowl LI, Tight End Martellus Bennett took to Twitter in an epic tweet storm about how he is more than an athlete, and the importance of art and coding over sports for young black people.

“I’m woke,” tweeted Bennett. He also wrote, “Don’t get mad because I found what they thought they could hide in books.”


In addition to playing pro ball, Bennett is an artist, animator, author, producer, composer, and CEO of Imagination Agency. Last summer, he launched an app for kids with a companion book he wrote and illustrated called Hey A.J., It’s Saturday.

Bennett told Black Enterprise that he was interested in more than football. “I’ve always been creative. As an athlete, no one really accepts you as a creative. When you are creative, no one really accepts you as an athlete. There’s never been a time in my life when I wasn’t creative. I grew up on Harry Potter. I read all those [types] of books growing up. I was the nerd that could dunk on you.”

He seemed to express frustration about not being taken seriously as more than an athlete in his tweets:


Bennett stirred controversy when he announced he would not be joining some of his other teammates at the White House, following the invitation extended to the team after their win. He’s been critical of Donald Trump during the election. When asked why he wouldn’t accept President Trump’s invitation, he said, “It is what it is. People know how I feel about it. Just follow me on Twitter.”