Steve Harvey Recruits Paula Deen to Teach at His Mentoring Program

Paula Deen is working hard in 2014 to defend her character and win her career back.

Her latest effort to dispel past reports of racist behavior is her newest partnership with Steve Harvey. On Oct. 2, the TV host announced on his show that Deen and her team will volunteer their time to teach culinary skills at his annual mentoring camp. One hundred fatherless young men attend Harvey’s camp in Dallas every year during Father’s Day weekend. Deen’s culinary lessons will be added to the other skills and principles that the young men learn while at the camp.

“Paula and her team have agreed to take on as many boys as I want to fly down to Savannah and teach them culinary skills,” Harvey said on his show. “That, to me, is how you get something from something. There has to be a good behind everything.”

When asked by Harvey if she understands why people were so hurt by her comments, Deen responded, “I think I do, Steve. I think it boils down to people just expecting better from me.”

Watch the video below of Harvey’s thoughts on Deen, and share your comments about Deen working with Harvey’s mentoring program.