Paula Patton Gets ‘Fried’ By Black Twitter When She Seasons Chicken AFTER Placing It in Oil

Cooking tutorials online have become increasingly popular. But it’s probably safe to say, everybody who takes up recording cooking vids can’t actually cook.

At least that’s the consensus Black Twitter came to when actress Paula Patton found out the hard way that her fried chicken cooking demonstration was going viral for all the wrong reasons!

Last month, the “seasoned” actress took to Instagram to “show” people how to prepare and then cook her mother’s “famous” fried chicken, and it went downhill from there. Patton starts the video by zooming in on a bag of white flour as she informs her audience that it’s “Fried Chicken Day!” She shows the chicken and the ingredients for the coating of the chicken.


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The Precious actress then proceeds to wash the chicken parts in cold water for a mere few seconds. Soon after, she places the chicken into a Ziploc bag of — get this — just white flour. When she finishes “coating” the wings, she tells the viewing audience that there are 138 chicken wings in the sorted bags. After putting oil in the frying pan, she placed the chicken wings, sans seasoning, into the pan.

The moment was giving blandness, given that the chicken was seasoned AFTER it was doused in grease.

Patton then proclaims, on camera, that after placing the chicken in the pan, she’ll start to add the seasoning. She proceeds to “dust” the chicken pieces with Lawry’s seasoning, pepper, and paprika.

As most people who have had the pleasure and/or duty to cook, this was NOT a good look, and social media made SURE to let the former Mrs. Robin Thicke know that she indeed was no Food Network star.

Although this was posted on March 5th, it started trending recently as social media users across many platforms commented on how ridiculous her “method” of frying chicken was.

Fix it, Baby Jesus…