Pep Talk: Getting Support for Social Networking Venture

I created an empowerment organization and social networking site for plus-size women in 2006, but now I see hundreds of organizations like mine. I’m frustrated because I helped pioneer this trend and now I’m getting lost in the mix. One problem may be that I’m too busy. I don’t have the support I need. What can I do?

Via E-mai

I see what you mean. The old adage, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” doesn’t always make you feel better.

Unfortunately, you seem too bogged down to successfully carry out the tasks of managing your organization and Website. But you must find the time if you want to see them blossom into something other than a pastime.

In figuring out how to devote enough time to your organization, consider all the people who rely on it for motivation, support, and information. To get a handle on the site, solicit help from those within your online community. They may be willing to lend a hand in generating content to keep the site current, which will also make them feel more engaged with and invested in the site. Check out Barack 2.0: Barack Obama’s Social Media Lessons for Business (White Bullock Group Inc.; $39.95) by David Bullock and Brent Leary. With its interactive online companion (, this book offers a plethora of tools and advice about social media as it applies to small business.

No one likes to visit static Web pages. Making  your site resonate with visitors will help thwart imitators or duplicators.