Not the Kids! UFC Fighter Israel Adesanya Taunts Alex Pereira’s Son After His KO Victory

Not the Kids! UFC Fighter Israel Adesanya Taunts Alex Pereira’s Son After His KO Victory

Some people truly never forget a slight. And that seems to be the case for newly crowned UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya who won Saturday’s UFC 287 in a knockout victory over Alex Pereira.

After reclaiming his title, it seems Adesanya decided to even the score between him and Pereira’s son, who mocked him in a viral video after his defeat in 2017. The child makes fun of the way Adesanya hit the canvas after Pereira bested him in the bout; it’s a moment that the new champ has carried with him.

“I’m petty, bro; I remember the first time he knocked me out in Brazil; his son came into the ring and started to get next to me,” Adesanya reportedly said. “I looked for his kid, and I pointed at him and I saw him.” Many saw the gesture and wondered who it was directed at before the Nigerian-born martial artist set the record straight in his post-fight conference. With Pereira’s body stiff on the canvas, Adesanya pointed to the child before reenacting how Pereira fell to the floor.

It seems all’s fair in the world of UFC, as most fans see it as a justifiable teaching moment as the tables often turn in combat sports.

The fight, which took place in Miami over the weekend, drew a pretty interesting array of spectators. Namely, former President Donald Trump, who was recently indicted and charged with 34 felonies. Trump was sitting ringside with heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, UFC President Dana White, and Kid Rock.

For Adesanya, the moment was more significant than any names in the audience. The fighter, who Pereira has bested on three separate occasions, was overcome with joy to return the favor finally. “I hope every one of you behind the screen, in this arena, can feel this level of happiness just one time in your life,” Adesanya said in his post-fight interview. “I hope all of you can feel how f—ing happy I am right now. … But you never feel this level of happiness if you don’t go for something.”