‘Da Cooler Boyz’ Philadelphia Youth Starts Water Ice Business At The Age Of 6

‘Da Cooler Boyz’ Philadelphia Youth Starts Water Ice Business At The Age Of 6

Chase Anderson was just six years old when he had the idea of starting his very own ‘water ice’ business. Now, at age 8, Anderson of Philadelphia is the city’s youngest CEO and owner of Da Cooler Boyz. 

“It makes me feel so good to give people water ice. I love it. It’s kind of my thing,” Anderson says of his mobile business. He, along with his mother Breonna and brother Sebastian, set up shop and serve water ice to local kids at schools, summer camps, parades, food drives, and other events.

Da Cooler Boyz has 800 bookings this year alone, according to ABC7 News.

Anderson’s mother credits her son for having the vision to create his own favorite summer snack and turn it into a business. “It kept him up at night, all he talked about,” she said. “So after playing around with mixes and flavors, the next thing I know he’s setting up and selling water ice outside. I support him in everything he does.” For the Anderson family, their commitment to local children does not stop at their business; they also give back. Ahead of the 2023-24 academic school year, Da Cooler Boyz will host a back-to-school drive to give away free school supplies to Philadelphia youth. Tutors, coaches, and daycares will be on- site to help get children enrolled for the year.

“We are now accepting donations and sponsors,” the company posted on Instagram. “Our goal is to give away 800 book bags or more to children throughout the city of Philadelphia. We will also giveaway uniform vouchers to take the burden off of some parents/ guardians.”

Philadelphia residents can send requests for booking Da Cooler Boyz through its Instagram and keep up with ways to support their many efforts to give back to local organizations and children.