16-Year-Old Wendy’s Employee Shot Through Drive-Thru Window After Dispute Over BBQ Sauce

16-Year-Old Wendy’s Employee Shot Through Drive-Thru Window After Dispute Over BBQ Sauce

On Thursday night, 16-year-old Brian Durham was working the drive-thru window at a Wendy’s in Phoenix, AZ, when he was shot in the head, according to ABC 15. An arrest has since been made in connection with the incident.

“He went to work that day, you know happy,” Brian’s father, Brian Durham Sr., told NBC 12. “But he never expected to be shot.”

The incident took place off of 19th Avenue and Glendale Road in Phoenix. It was triggered by an argument over an order that included barbecue sauce, his father explained to ABC 15. He said his son was at the cash register in between the window and his co-worker.

“Yes, barbecue sauce, and it wasn’t even meant for him. And I guess it was a confrontation between two other people, and he was, like, the register man. So, he was stuck in the middle,” said Durham Sr.

Police say the suspect exited his vehicle, pulled a handgun out, and opened fire. He then jumped into the passenger’s side of the vehicle as it fled the scene. The bullet struck Durham, nicking his brain.

On Friday, local Phoenix police arrested 27-year-old Theotis Polk, whom investigators discovered was the shooter. He is facing aggravated assault charges. No information has been released about the driver.

Following the shooting, Durham was immediately rushed to Phoenix’s Children’s Hospital in critical condition. He underwent a five-hour surgery, and is expecting to pull through.

“They said how the bullet fragments [hit his brain], they don’t know how his speech is going to be,” Durham Sr. explained to NBC 12. “They give him commands and he moves his fingers and toes but can’t talk.”

“He’s going to keep fighting. He’s a strong boy. He’s going to make it through this,” Brian’s mom told ABC 15.

According to a GoFundMe account organized by Durham Sr., his son was working to help support his family.