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Plastic Surgery Office That Caters To Black Women Sued For Alleged Sexual Exploitation

A popular plastic surgery office that appeals to minority women is accused of sexually exploiting its patients.

A New Jersey-based plastic surgery office known for marketing to minority women is facing a malpractice lawsuit on allegations of sexual exploitation.

Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery doctors Sergey Voskin, Peter Driscoll, and others are named in a lawsuit that accuses them of medical malpractice in New Jersey brought on by non-consensual sexual contact by Driscoll, reported. The plaintiff, referred to as P.C. in the lawsuit, cites a June 2022 visit to the medical facility where Driscoll “committed medical malpractice and willfully and maliciously sexually harassed, sought, and solicited sexual contact with Plaintiff, and engaged in non-consensual sexual contact with plaintiff.”

The woman says during her scheduled Brazilian Butt Lift procedure she was heavily sedated and had her body uncovered beyond what was necessary during a videotaped marking procedure. She also accuses Dr. Driscoll of engaging in non-consensual sexual contact with her during the surgery after she was left unchaperoned with him.

The complaint, filed in New York Southern District Court, says the plastic surgery office and its practitioners were required by New Jersey law to “maintain a sexual-harassment-free workplace and medical service location.” However, that failed to happen due to alleged understaffing issues.

“Under New Jersey law Defendants were also required to provide chaperones for women during unclothed procedures, but the clinic was understaffed and failed to do so,” Stamford attorney Eric Chaffin, who represents the victim, said.

“This is a clear case of women being betrayed, and Goals and Voskin putting profits over safety.”

Elsewhere, the lawsuit cites Dr. Driscoll’s “extensive history of malpractice allegations, licensing suspensions and discipline in other states,” including his ban from treating patients without supervision in the state of California. The plaintiff says she nor other patients were made aware of his licensing suspensions.

He is accused of other malpractice incidents while working at Goals in New Jersey, including sexual harassment and not providing the proper standard of care to patients. Nearly a year after the plaintiff’s encounter with Driscoll, the State Board of Medical Examiners temporarily suspended his medical license in February 2023 due to allegations similar to the ones in P.C.’s lawsuit.

Other allegations accuse Driscoll of watching pornography in the bathroom that could be heard on Bluetooth speakers, and sexually harassing a female employee. In all instances, the doctor was disciplined or terminated. Goals is facing a rise of malpractice cases in New York, New Jersey, and Georgia on allegations of “skirting past regulations” to offer cosmetic procedures at a lower price.

“They really target women who have less financial ability to get the surgery,” Chaffin said. “They use their Instagram following to make it seem really acceptable and safe and very accessible.”

He continued. “Goals has done a really good job of playing to body-conscious issues for minority women. They’re offering what they claim to be a cost-effective way to achieve a [Brazilian butt lift], but it’s really unsafe.”

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