Kickstarter Spotlight: Mix Luv Seeks $50,000 For Social Site

Need a theme song written for your web series or musicians for a special event? Mix Luv has set out to create a place where people anywhere can access a global community to write, compose and produce songs together. Mix Luv is a social platform designed for musicians, songwriters and engineers to easily collaborate and share music.

“Inspired and conceived by musicians, engineers and industry veterans, we have taken some of the biggest real life struggles in the modern day music production process, and developed a platform to bridge these gaps,” says Ray Archie, MixLuv co-Founder and CEO. “This platform is going to help musicians find new revenue streams and will be a game changer.  We are already working out deals with some very influential US & UK music sync licensing companies.”

Last month, Archie launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000. But with a little over 24 hours left in the 43-day campaign, Mix Luv is short of making goal with just 243 backers pledging a little over $31,000. Hitting their funding goal will allow MixLuv’s creators to cover initial costs to make the product available in 2015. Failure to reach goal by November 19, means Archie won’t receive the funds pledged.

Users will be able to find other musicians based on a number of criteria, including geographic location, musical style, influences and involvement in the community. After identifying the right people to contribute to a project, users can easily connect with these potential collaborators to compose the desired song elements they need to create and finish their track. The iterative audio mix management platform allows all constituents to be completely informed of every creative change throughout the production process.

“This platform will have a huge impact on the music industry. Currently, there is no existing change management system that facilitates music collaboration,” adds Archie, who also serves as director of streaming operations at CBS Radio Corp in New York. “We have also found that this system allows us to take a future forward position around artist rights, specifically the songwriter’s share.  It is clear that this solution will have a major impact on music compensation models moving forward.”

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