Play this Game to Achieve Success

Some concepts are learned best when you play a game. That may also be true about succeeding in life, to hear Jason Evans of JAZ-E House Games Inc. tell it.

The game Success, developed by Evans and his wife, Tiara, is now being used in more than 85 educational programs in 12 different states. It’s sold in over 30 educational toy stores across the country and is suitable for age 8 and up.

“This game not only allows children and families to have fun,” Evans told me in an email, “it also teaches children about real life situations and finances.”

Some organizations using the game:

  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters Knoxville and Charleston
  • Urban League of Greater Atlanta
  • TRIO programs at Savannah State University and other colleges

“Success has multiple avenues throughout the game that help children learn,” Evans says, “but most importantly it encompasses the fact that everyone’s success is different.

“In life you are dealt your own set of cards,” Evans says philosophically, “and you must make good decisions in order to live a happy life.”

According to Evans, the game has elicited “great feedback” from schools, which say it’s a fun way of learning. “Children get involved and start asking questions pertaining to life situations, finance, and other general questions about paying bills, traveling, and much more.”

Evans describes the game as a bit like Life and a bit like Monopoly. “Success is a great way to start our youth off with a hint of reality that has a touch of fun before it’s time for them to hit the real world.”

It’s also a way to combat the all-pervasive technology and screens young people seem addicted to—which may be one reason for its popularity. Parents, families, youth groups may all be searching for a way to have fun together that doesn’t involve a screen.

Nashville’s News Channel 5 says of Success, “… the game is being played as a way to learn about finances, making smart investments, and donating to charity. Unlike other board games, ‘winning’ does not necessarily mean making the most money. Success is defined differently for each player.”

Any game that teaches about finances and includes donating to charity—and is fun—is a winner in my book.

To order a copy of Success or to learn more, visit the Success website.