Los Angeles Police Looking Into Past Beefs PnB Rock May Have Had As Possible Motives For Death

As the investigation into the murder of Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock is ongoing, another theory has been tossed around by police officials.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department is now looking to see if this was a “planned execution” instead of a random robbery.

Publicly, LAPD has not named any suspects and has theorized that the rapper may have been killed after a social media post by his girlfriend. But, now they are looking into his past and checking previous beef he has had with people to see if there is a correlation.

Investigators are checking previous connections, particularly in Atlanta, where he spent a lot of time, and his hometown of Philadelphia and they are looking for possible leads. Looking into whether people who may have been enemies to PnB Rock may have been the reason for his death.

They are also perusing lyrics and songs he has referenced people in to see if there can be any indication of feuds with who he may have mentioned in several of his songs. The theory now is that if it was a random robbery as it has been reported, then why didn’t the thieves just snatch his jewelry and leave? Why was he shot several times and left for dead?