Black Tech Podcast, BE The Code, Episode 1: Roshell Rinkins
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

“BE The Code” is Black Enterprise’s new podcast spotlighting the most influential and innovative blacks in technology, from celebrities to financiers, and how they are reshaping the industry with their unique perspectives. This podcast is hosted by Sequoia Blodgett, a millennial entrepreneur and former cast member of the 2015 ABC Family reality series Startup U. Join Blodgett as she chats with black tech game-changers, as they take us on their journeys to successes (and sometimes failures) and offer winning strategies. Because if we don’t spotlight them, who will? 

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“BE The Code” Podcast Episode 1: Roshell Rinkins

Summary: In this episode, we meet  Roshell Rinkins, the founder of Liquid Courage, a make-up brand that inspires women to be authentically bold. She talks about why she chose to create a line for multicultural women, the basis of supply chain, and what makes a great cosmetic product. Rinkins’ line was recently featured in Macy’s during their pop-up tour, “The Market @ Macy’s,” a program that allows newer entrepreneurs the access to promote or sell their products.


black tech podcast

Liquid Courage founder, Roshell Rinkins (Image: file)


Notable quote: “My background is in supply chain and so for the last 15 years that’s been my craft, in terms of brokering deals and really forging relationships with suppliers. When I worked in the CPG, the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, I forged a lot of relationships because at the time, this particular company held one of the largest beauty iconic brands so when I decided to venture off on my own, I’m like, let’s leverage these relationships…”

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