A Podcast That Provides Tech Industry Advice? Where?!

A Podcast That Provides Tech Industry Advice? Where?!

Have you ever been curious about how to pitch to a venture capitalist to secure funding for your tech startup, or what it means to raise $14 million while living outside of Silicon Valley?

Well, look no further. Black Enterprise is bringing you, BE the Code, a new podcast series filled with winning strategies and game-changing advice from Silicon Valley’s top innovators, celebrities, and rising stars.

In our first episode, we sat down with Monique Woodard, a venture partner at 500 Startups. Many of you may already be familiar with her, but did you know that she grew up on a farm, spent her early days working for Uncle Luke Records, and created a startup that delivered fresh meals to senior citizens?

Click the clip below to watch Episode 1 of BE the Code, as we uncover hidden gems and a whole lot of other fascinating information about breaking into venture capital investing, both as an investor and as a founder.

(Video: Niranjan Deshpande)

In the forthcoming days, we’re going to expound on some of the subject matter discussed in this episode. We will teach you exactly how to pitch, what to say, and we’ll go into detail on when or if you should be seeking venture capital in the first place. Stay tuned!

Image: Niranjan Deshpande/Sequoia Blodgett

‘BE the Code’ was created by Black Enterprise Tech Editor (Silicon Valley) Sequoia Blodgett and VP of Digital Shelly Jones. This series, in part or whole, will be available online on Blackenterprise.com, iTunes, and on all of Black Enterprise‘s social media sites.