POLL: What Would You Do If B.E. Gave You $2,000?

What would you do if Black Enterprise gave you $2,000? Enter our Financial Fitness Contest and you may have to make that decision. As part of Black Enterprise’s Wealth for Life thrust, we hold a monthly Financial Fitness Contest in which we help one of you solve some overwhelming financial challenge with the help of a financial advisor, our editorial team and $2,000 to kick-start your wealth-building program.

ENTER the Black Enterprise Financial Fitness Contest

For a decade, Black Enterprise has awarded scores of our readers $2000 to kick-start their financial lives through our Financial Fitness Contest. So far, we’ve given away nearly a quarter million dollars, and counting. Take our poll and tell us: What you would do if you received the cash prize?

o    Eliminate debt

o    Use it for a down payment on a home

o    Go bargain shopping

o    Invest it for retirement

o    Put it toward savings for my child/children’s education

o    Make a donation to my favorite charity

o    Take a vacation

o    Put it into a money market or savings account for emergencies

o    Other

CLICK HERE to take our poll. We will share our findings of the poll on The Warren Ballentine Show on August 19, as well as in my blog about the segment that week.

Derek T. Dingle is the editor-in-chief of Black Enterprise magazine.