All Star Code Founder Christina Lewis Is Learning to Celebrate Failure

Featuring a broad cross-section of women who have distinguished themselves across a rich variety of careers, our Portraits of Power series is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Black Enterprise, and of black women. It’s a place for today’s businesswomen to share their own favorite images and their own stories, in their own words. Today’s portrait is the founder of All Star Code, Christina Lewis.

Christina Lewis

Founder and President of All Star Code

My first job was being my Dad’s stockbroker, paid on commission. I was 9 years old.

My big break came when an acquaintance introduced me to a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, my dream publication, where I eventually became a staff writer.

I’ve had to work hardest at speaking less, listening more.

I never imagined I would be in leadership roles in my career and have children and a family.

I wish I’d learned sooner how to manage my fear of failure.

The risk I regret not taking is not trying out a computer science class in college.

If I could design my fantasy self-care day, it would be spent hiking somewhere beautiful alongside a stream and ending the day with a massage and facial.

The news keeps me up at night.

When I’m struggling, I say to myself,  “celebrate this failure, Christina, because it means you are trying to do something really difficult.”

I am unapologetically all-in for black and brown people.

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