ADP Division President Debbie Dyson: Find Your Voice—People Want to Hear From You

Featuring a broad cross-section of women who have distinguished themselves across a rich variety of careers, our Portraits of Power series is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Black Enterprise, and of black women. It’s a place for today’s businesswomen to share their own favorite images and their own stories, in their own words. Today’s portrait is Debbie Dyson, who’s been with ADP for more than three decades and is a member of its senior executive team.

Debbie Dyson

President, National Account Services, ADP

Nickname The Doctor

My first job was Key Account Manager at ADP

My big break came when I saw the red sign of “ADP” and approached the interview table.

I’ve had to work hardest at my current job—most challenging in my 32 years.

I never imagined I would be sitting in the C-suite.

I wish I’d learned sooner that finding your voice is nothing to shy away from; people want to hear you.

The risk I regret not taking is … I learned early to not have regrets, as I cannot change the past.

If I could design my fantasy self-care day, it would be spent in Hawaii.

Nothing keeps me up at night. I don’t need a lot of sleep.

When I’m struggling, I say to myself, “You always have tomorrow; don’t let defeats get you down.”

I am unapologetically honest.


Portraits of Power is a yearlong series of candid insights from exceptional women leaders. It is brought to you by ADP.

Debbie Dyson will be a speaker at the 2020 Women of Power Summit, March 5-8 at The Mirage in Las Vegas. Register here to join us!