PayPal SVP Peggy Alford Works Hard at Letting People Get to Know Her at Work

Featuring a broad cross-section of women who have distinguished themselves across a rich variety of careers, our Portraits of Power series is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Black Enterprise, and of black women. It’s a place for today’s businesswomen to share their own favorite images and their own stories, in their own words. Today’s portrait is Peggy Alford, a senior vice president at PayPal and the first black woman to sit on Facebook’s board of directors


Peggy Alford

SVP, Core Markets, PayPal

My first job was at Big Al’s hamburger joint in a shopping mall in St. Louis. I was a cashier and had to make hand dipped ice cream shakes.

My big break came when eBay, where I was working, bought a company called and they asked me to be CFO.

I’ve had to work hardest at letting people get to know me personally at work.

I never imagined I would have three boys.

I wish I’d learned to accept help from others sooner.

The risk I regret not taking is I never pursued a competitive university.

If I could design my fantasy self-care day, it would be spent with good girlfriends, hike, spa, good food and lots of wine.

Trying to balance all my priorities at work and home keeps me up at night.

When I’m struggling, I say to myself, I can do anything for (xx) amount of time.

I am unapologetically reserved.

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Peggy Alford will be a speaker at the 2020 Women of Power Summit, March 5-8 at The Mirage in Las Vegas. Register here to join us!