[Recap] Portrayals of Black Women in Media

[Recap] Portrayals of Black Women in Media

To honor the last day of Women’s History Month, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture hosted Talks at the Schomburg: “Portrayals of Black Women in Media.” The all-star panel of journalists, writers and bloggers included Demetria Lucas D’Oyley (author of Don’t Waste Your Pretty & A Belle in Brooklyn), Vanessa Karen DeLuca (Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine), Farai Chideya (award-winning journalist, author and host of One with Farai) and moderated by journalist, Akisa Omulepu.

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It’s undeniable: The entire world is watching African American women in media. At the same time, there’s a critical need for more content that shows more multifaceted roles of black women.

From candid discussions around the undercapitalization of women owned businesses to “ratchet reality TV” and the impact that shows like Empire and Scandal have on how women are perceived globally, no topic was off limits.

Who’s ultimately responsible for how African American women are portrayed? What can we do to show more positive images of black women? And, how do we go into the boardroom and fight for positive portrayals of black women in media? The amazing panelists answered these insightful questions and more.

Following the event, the panelists hosted a post-event cocktail reception at Harlem Besame Restaurant.

In case you missed out, check out the recap storify below.