Post-Op Infections Cost The U.S. $34 Billion Annually — Covira Thinks It Has An Answer.

Post-Op Infections Cost The U.S. $34 Billion Annually — Covira Thinks It Has An Answer.

Say what you will about COVID and the enormous impact it’s had on the entire planet. But for all the negative repercussions of the deadly virus, it has certainly spurred interest and awareness to the often long, always intricate process of developing new medical innovations. Just as companies like Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and others worked to devise their COVID vaccines, so are biotech firms and biotech startups all working tirelessly to create their own answers to a wide range of health-related issues.

When a company hones in on one of these medical questions and solves it, it often results in a windfall for the firm and its ownership group.

Covira Surgical is one of those new breeds of biotech startups — and thanks to its founder and three decades of work in the field of post-operative infections, the Chicago-based firm could be about to break out in both the scientific and business worlds with its first creation.

At the center of that innovation is the very real global issue of infection rates among postoperative patients. In the U.S. alone, nearly 300,000 patients every year develop a surgical site infection (SSI), a complication that slows down healing, or, in some cases, literally brings a tragic end to what should have been a successful procedure.

Antibiotics are most often used to find bacterial infections that can add an extra 10 days to a healing patient’s hospital stay. However, SSIs and the resulting sepsis can turn fatal, accounting for nearly 270,000 deaths annually.

Dr. John Alverdy has become a foremost expert in the field of post-op infection treatments, leading to the creation of his company Covira’s Pi-PEG treatment method. While antibiotics can weaken a body that’s still dealing with the effects of surgery, Pi-PEG is a tasteless, non-antibiotic-based drink that can be prescribed to patients both before and after surgery.

Pi-PEG approaches infection treatment in a new way, flooding the patient’s intestinal tract with nutrients engineered to boost gut health and fortify the person’s body against invasive bacteria. Rather than seeking to eradicate pathogens, Pi-PEG makes that bacteria docile, stopping growth and virulence in its tracks to the point of harmlessness. In concert with the body’s own enhanced natural abilities to knock out infection and heal from surgery, the treatment represents a very real step toward addressing this concerning medical trend and takes a large bite out of the $34 billion burden post-op infection treatment places on the entire U.S. healthcare system.

Currently in the midst of earning approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to advance to further testing, the potential impact of Coriva Surgical’s answer to infection is not lost on many potential biotech investors. Armed with valuations that could see Pi-PEG earn up to $2.2 billion in revenue by 2037, Covira has now extended efforts to crowdfund for added investment capital through its StartEngine page.

Right now, users can check out Covira Surgical and evaluate the company’s prospects before it moves into active production.

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