Power OOTD: Suit Up In Houndstooth

Power OOTD: Suit Up In Houndstooth

Houndstooth is a pattern that works well for the office. (Image: File)

Those famous black-and white-checks are making a subtle comeback in the world of chic and it is a fun print to add variety in your work wardrobe. The black and white duo-toned fabric is known as houndstooth pattern and yes I am guilty of renaming this pattern anything and everything but its actual name although I have always loved the bold statement it makes There aren’t many classic trends that continue to reinvent itself with time, but the houndstooth pattern is an exception to the rule.

Normally, the houndstooth trend is found on coats and jackets in winter fabrics such as tweed and wool, but over the years, its popularity has transcended onto streetwear, accessories, trousers, skirts and hats.  There is no rule book that says you have to wear the traditional black-and-white—in fact, the pattern comes in a multitude of colors that will compliment all types of work ensembles.

The smaller pattern is ideal for the more conservative work environment, but if you’re a bold fashionista, try the oversized prints on a coat or blazer as a statement piece that you can remove throughout the day.

Houndstooth can be worn as more of a traditional print and it transforms into a great after-work outfit when paired with leather accents. Remember to always scrutinize your fabric choice no matter what the brand or price. If it looks cheap and feels cheap, it’s a no!

I love to turn my garments inside-out, study the stitching before I give up my hard-earned money. Some of my greatest pieces come from vintage stores, sale racks, and budget fashion like H&M. Hunting for quality clothing is always worth it in the long run.

Don’t know where to start? Try these looks on for size.

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