Power OOTD: Return of the R-E-S-P-E-C-T Suit

Power OOTD: Return of the R-E-S-P-E-C-T Suit

Actress Lauren London, in a power suit (Image: File)

The return of the power suit is in full throttle and it is perhaps the sexiest ensemble on the runway that all women will love. The football shouldered silhouettes are gone and fashion pioneers from Stella McCartney to Yves St. Laurent are flooding the catwalk with tailored trousers and sleek cut blazers that are perfect new additions for every woman’s wardrobe.

New power looks are popping up all over stores like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic this season. The suit jacket reflects a statement of confident authority that can be modernized with a cropped or wide leg pant for style. Metallic neutrals are a trendy new color palette on the 80’s trend. Tomoko Ogura, fashion director for Barneys, says the luxury retailer is stocking up on “extremely polished” suiting.

The female executive can accentuate her unique fashion sense— minus the overpowering shoulder shields—with new modern fashion options this season. The foundation of the power suit relies on the structure of the jacket, whether it is belted, longer in length, or of a different texture and pattern. You can further define your style with coordinated trousers that are wide leg, narrow or cropped.

While casual work wear and feminine dresses are great options to mix into your workplace wardrobe you will always need a power suit for some occasion, so update, invest and get inspired with these looks. Men aren’t the only ones who need a fine tailored suit in their closet.

Check out these chic options and try out a few that fit your personal power style.

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