Pregnant Chicago Mom Shot In Her Car Parked In Front Of Her Home

Pregnant Chicago Mom Shot In Her Car Parked In Front Of Her Home

On Wednesday, Derricka Patrick, a 29-year-old pregnant mother, was killed while in her parked car in front of her home.

Police are pursuing two shooters were recorded on a surveillance camera shooting into the parked car in the Englewood community of Chicago, Fox 32 reports.  

The shooting occurred when Patrick arrived at her home with her 15-year-old niece in the evening. Patrick waited as the young teen dashed into the house to retrieve a cake. When Patrick’s niece heard gunshots ring, she ran outside to the car and saw her aunt collapse at the driver’s wheel.

Patrick was three months pregnant and was declared deceased at the hospital and her unborn child. The autopsy report she died from multiple gunshot wounds. 

“I’ll never be OK. They took my sister,” said Dorothy Patrick to ABC 7. “I just want my sister back.” 

Patrick was the youngest of five girls and had one younger brother.

“She was happy,” Dorothy said of her sister. “She was happy because her daughter is nine, so she wanted a boy.” 

Devonta Anderson said his adored cousin was on her way to his birthday party when she was killed.

“She was on the way to me, and she never made it,” he said to ABC 7. “My heart is shattered in a million pieces.”

The surveillance footage, which has not been made public, shows a car drawing up next to Patrick’s vehicle, and two men approach her car and start shooting, said the police.  

“We have some video evidence that supports that two individuals did this, and we need them identified. We haven’t pushed out any videos yet of those suspects. But we definitely need some help from the community,” Chicago police reported to Fox 32.

Patrick was an admired Chicago hairstylist and a mother of a 9-year-old girl who was thrilled to have her second child in July, said her mother, Christine Blanton.  

“My baby didn’t deserve this,” Blanton said to Fox 32. “She didn’t do nothing to nobody. For somebody to come and snuff her out and take her life like that, I’m just upset about it. I don’t appreciate it.” 

There is a $15,000 award for information about the slaying of Derricka Patrick. Contact 833-408-0069.