PreMadonna's Cookware Brand Shows Black Girls, Women that Representation Matters
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PreMadonna’s Cookware Brand Shows Black Girls, Women that Representation Matters

PreMadonna is a Love & Hip-Hop Miami reality star and entrepreneur who also has a cookware brand called PreMadonna Cookware. Photo- Instagram

PreMadonna is more than a rapper and reality star on VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop Miami.” The eclectic entrepreneur has also taken a successful dive into the culinary space. PreMadonna Cookware is a black-owned company featuring a line of cookware. Buyers can find everything from a smokeless grill, and nonstock stainless steel pot set, to a cookbook called The Recipe Bible ULTIMATE EDITION.

On PreMadonna Cookware’s website, PreMadonna can be spotted in a kitchen with some of her products and spices appear in the background. Her diverse skillset is working in her favor.

“A lot of people love the seasonings & my pressure cooker. They’re just a hit,” an online statement reads. “I started making seasonings because it was hard to explain how I cook to people. And for those people who couldn’t cook, I know that it’s not so much that they don’t know what they’re doing but it’s that they don’t know what to put in the food. Even the worst cook can make a simple meal.”

The message continues informing that the PreMadonna pressure cooker and new line of appliances and cookware makes this possible.

Additionally, AfroTech reported  that PreMadonna realizes that representation is important. Her sentiments have also played a part in founding her cookware line. In the AfroTech interview, PreMadonna also said she is on a mission to allow her own children and other young African American entrepreneurs to see her success. The reality star, author and successful businesswoman wants them to be aware of what they can also achieve.

“Often our ideas, our behaviors, and our culture is stolen from us, watered down, and sold back to us,” PreMadonna toldtold AfroTech. “As a Black woman, it’s my due diligence to ensure that I’m letting my children know that we can create and profit using our ideas. Because I’m doing it, other little Black girls can aspire to do it and do it better than me. That’s representation to me.”

The entrepreneur only releases items that she actually would use, according to AfroTech. When PreMadonna designs new items, she said it is important for her to ones are practical and that make the lives of women a lot easier.

If you are looking for a culinary-related gift, PreMadonna’s website also offers gift cards.  to find out more.