President Trump Said He Is the ‘Least Racist Person’ in the Room During the Presidential Debate

During Thursday night’s presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, when the topic of race relations came up Trump said he is “the least racist person in this room.” Twice.

During the televised debate at Belmont University in Nashville, moderator NBC News’ Kristen Welker, a Black woman journalist, posed a question to both presidential candidates with regards to race in America.

“Mr. President, you’ve described the Black Lives Matter movement as a symbol of hate,” Welker said. “You’ve shared a video of a man chanting white power to millions of your supporters. You’ve said that Black professional athletes exercising their First Amendment rights should be fired. What do you say to Americans who say that kind of language from a president is contributing to a climate of hate and racial strife?”

Trump’s response:

“You have to understand, the first time I ever heard of Black Lives Matter, they were chanting, ‘Pigs in a blanket,’ talking about police. That was my first glimpse of Black Lives Matter. I thought it was a terrible thing. As far as my relationships with all people, I think I have great relationships with all people. I am the least racist person in this room.”

He also said: “I don’t know what to say. I got criminal justice reform done, and prison reform, and opportunities, I took care of Black colleges and universities. I don’t know what to say. They could say anything. I mean, they could say anything. It makes me sad, because I am the least racist person. I can’t even see the audience, because it is so dark, but I don’t care who’s in the audience, I’m the least racist person in this room.”