Prime Day Can’t Even Touch This Deal On AdGuard

Prime Day Can’t Even Touch This Deal On AdGuard

If you’ve spent even just five minutes on your desktop or mobile device browsing the internet, then you know just how frustrating it is to be bombarded by unwanted ads. While they certainly ruin the internet-browsing experience, they can also pose security threats.

Trackers and malware are often tucked away inside these persistent ads. And if you’re not careful, your device can easily be infected by malware and phishing tools.

Meet AdGuard.

AdGuard is one of the most trusted ad blockers available anywhere. It’s the most advanced ad blocker on the market.

With this special price courtesy of Deal Days, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to AdGuard’s Family Plan for just 19.99. Deal Days is our answer to Prime Days. You can purchase these hot-ticket Deal Days products until 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 12.

You won’t even find this deal on Amazon.

AdGuard not only shines as an ad blocker. It also features an entire privacy protection module along with a parental control tool aimed at keeping your children safe online. The parental control tool offers superior protection by restricting children from accessing inappropriate and adult content.

As an ad blocker, AdGuard rids you of annoying banners, pop-up ads and video ads. It also hides your data from the many online trackers and activity analyzers that are prevalent on the web.

This software is rated 4.7 stars on Trustpilot. More than 1,300 verified purchasers have rated it 5 stars.

“All great. Works as intended, it even blocks my YouTube app ads on my iPad. Hope it will keep working for a long time as I’ve heard Apple and Google are looking for a way to bypass ad blockers,” writes Cira Ionut.

AdGuard can be installed on up to nine devices. Updates to the software are also routinely pushed out to keep your version current. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, OS X, Android and iOS devices.

Banish unwanted ads and security threats for good with this exclusive Deal Days offer.

Prices subject to change.