Prime Picks from the Detroit Auto Show

Prime Picks from the Detroit Auto Show

I walked away from this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit feeling comforted.

That hasn’t always been the case.

There’s been auto shows where I’ve winced when the wraps were removed, revealing questionable vehicles beneath. They’d either be too big, or too cramped, or not really a hybrid, leaving me to wonder who’d buy ’em.

But this year, it’s been a mix bag and what’s in the bag isn’t all bad.

Some of my favorites:

Cadillac SRX Crossover: It’s has crisp lines and silhouettes, and an angular front-end that looks aristocratic.



General Motors Corp. also unveiled a Cadillac CTS wagon that suited my fancy. It’s a wagon that has nothing to do with those station wagons of yore. Very contemporary, very right now.

And I would be a dud if I didn’t mention the Cadillac Converj. This concept car oozed sleekness.

Buick LaCrosse Large Sedan: This vehicle has more of a sculpted body style than the previous model.



It’ll be interesting to see how this vehicle sells against the Ford Taurus, which has made a comeback from the dead, fully dressed and ready to go the party.

Ford Taurus Large Sedan: The Taurus has Ford’s three-bar grille that was well-received among Ford Fusion buyers.



Its soft transitions makes the design look uniform, not like a hodgepodge of metal that could make a car look like two or three in one or suggest too many designers were involved with its creation.

Honda Insight Hybrid: This hybrid has also made a comeback after a four-year hiatus. It still looks futuristic but not anymore so than the Toyota Prius.



The Insight has five doors, making it a surefire hatchback and not just a kooky shaped car.

It’s also expected to be priced “well below” the Honda Civic hybrid, which starts at $23,650. That makes it the most affordable hybrid in the market come spring.

Chrysler 200C Sedan: This is an electric concept I’d like to see brought to market and quick, even if it’s a gas-engine model.



It’s the snazziest design I’ve seen on a Chrysler car and the company could use a car that has the looks to attract buyers.

One word: sporty

BMW Z4 Hardtop: Beamer lovers should take to this new BMW that morphs the coupe and roadster versions for a sweet-looking hardtop. The two-piece hardtop ismade of lightweight aluminum and is retractable.



As I said, there were lots of good pickings in the bag. Looks like an ultra-competitive market is causing