Prince’s Wardrobe Hits The Auction Block

An online auction is set to showcase the sartorial legacy of the legendary musician Prince, curated by a French collector.

According to Fortune, an online auction will showcase the sartorial legacy of Prince. Curated by a French collector who initially envisioned a museum dedicated to the iconic artist, the collection includes over 200 lots. It provides a glimpse into Prince’s musical journey and fashion evolution.

In collaboration with individuals closely associated with Prince, the collector gathered the items, believing that the musician’s impact extended beyond music, establishing him as a fashion icon. Boston’s RR Auction, overseeing the sale, revealed that the collector had abandoned plans for a museum, leading to this auction.

Among the standout pieces is the white ruffled shirt worn by Prince during his 1985 American Music Awards performance of “Purple Rain.” The auction house estimates its value at $15,000, emphasizing its significance in Prince’s influential career.

Bobby Livingston of RR Auction highlighted the auction’s broader narrative, illustrating Prince’s lasting influence on music and fashion. The items span Prince’s “Purple Rain” era to his untimely demise in 2016, showcasing his ability to reinvent himself with each tour and influencing contemporary artists.

An iconic ensemble from “Under the Cherry Moon,” a 1986 film marking Prince’s directorial debut, is also up for auction with an estimated value of $45,000. Additionally, high-heeled blue boots from the Act I Tour ($20,000), a custom-made gold stage outfit with love symbols ($10,000), and a blue Schecter’ Cloud’ Guitar played by Prince ($4,000) are among the sought-after items. A distinctive chain that adds to the eclectic mix.

Beyond fashion, the auction includes original Polaroid photographs, master tapes of hit albums, and official documentation related to Prince’s films and music videos. The diverse collection provides enthusiasts with a multifaceted view of Prince’s artistic journey.

Bidding for the auction is set to conclude on Thursday, offering fans a chance to own a piece of Prince’s iconic legacy. Earlier this year, Minnesota, Prince’s home state, paid tribute to the artist by renaming a highway after him. The signing ceremony, fittingly, used purple ink, Prince’s signature color, further commemorating the musical maestro’s enduring impact.