Late Larry: 7 Ways to Deal With Procrastination in the Workplace

Late Larry: 7 Ways to Deal With Procrastination in the Workplace

If you have ever felt unfocused or disoriented at work this is for you. Everyone goes through those moments when they know they have a deadline but keep putting it off until the last moment. Procrastination has probably followed you throughout your life and now is the time to do something about it. Procrastination tends to afflict its victims when they are stressed or overwhelmed. Distracting themselves with other activities becomes a defense mechanism. Brazen Careerist highlights 7 ways to combat procrastination and become a more productive employee.

1. Name the challenge and the goal.
Writing down the specific task you’ve been putting off helps you get focused. For example, “I have to convert all of my client contacts and notes into the new CRM software system and learn how to navigate its tools and folders.”

Now, elaborate on that task. What’s your goal? For example, “I want to be familiar with this new software so it’s a useful tool, not an impediment to my progress.”

Having a precise goal will help you get motivated.

2. Pinpoint your emotions.
This step helps you understand the act of procrastinating for what it truly is: an emotional reaction.What’s really preventing you from diving in to this task?

To use the above example, maybe you’re intimidated by all the new bells and whistles you’ll have to learn (fear). Or maybe you’re cranky about having to do this when the old system wasn’t broken and worked perfectly well (anger). Or perhaps you’re bummed that you’re just not tech savvy (sadness). The emotions behind procrastination usually fall into these three categories.

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