Produce Your Best Writing With This Distraction-Free Writing Tool

Produce Your Best Writing With This Distraction-Free Writing Tool

Freewrite Traveler
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The modern writer has an equally modern problem—there are too many notifications and digital distractions you receive each day, making it difficult to write. The average user gets 46 push notifications per day on average, and if you happen to use a lot of apps, that figure is likely miniscule. With the many time-sucking distractions the internet brings, it would make it next to impossible to write a book, much less put together a single chapter.

This is precisely one of the reasons why Freewrite Traveler was created, as it offers the ultimate portable, distraction-free writing tool for writers everywhere. Successfully funded on Indiegogo, this device was designed from the ground up to help the modern writer stay focused and maximize productivity. For a limited time, you can grab it on sale for $20 off.

With the Freewrite Traveler, you won’t have to worry about any distractions whatsoever—no browser, no email, and definitely no notifications. It’s just you, your creative juices, and this device, allowing you to let the words flow and churn out your best writing.

This tool features an E Ink Screen with no glare to avoid screen fatigue and a full-size scissor-switch keyboard with superb tactile response that is optimized for typing. Its internal flash storage can hold over a million pages of drafts, while the built-in battery life lasts up to four weeks of continuous use.

You also don’t have to worry about losing your progress as it has built-in WiFi to seamlessly back up your drafts to the cloud. It’s also super portable, weighing in at only 1.6 lbs and sized at half the footprint of a typical laptop, allowing you to take it pretty much anywhere.

“The Freewrite Traveler is a retro word processor that’s fatally ahead of its time,” says The Verge.

Focus on your writing with the Freewrite Traveler. It’s on sale for $449, but you can enjoy an extra $20 off when you key in the code FREEWRITE20 at checkout.

Prices subject to change.