Program Helping Thousands of Black Moms, Other Minority Women in Financial Trouble

A community-based program called Debt Help For Women has already helped thousands of single moms and women who are overwhelmed with their financial obligations in life. The program is especially looking to help underprivileged Black, Brown and other minority women who live in the United States.

For over 20 years, the program has helped thousands of women across the country to settle their financial woes through credit counseling and debt management. One major advantage of the program is that women in need can talk to a live consultant to better understand what the program offers.

Hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S. are $10,000 or more in debt, and many women are currently being evicted from their homes, have had their bank accounts frozen, and/or are not able to adequately provide for their children.

The founders of the program say that they are very passionate about fighting on behalf of women and moms that are often innocent victims of desperate financial situations and injustice.

The program is currently helping women with the following types of debt: federal taxes, medical bills, collections and repossessions, certain types of private student loans, and more.

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