Protect Yourself Online, Here Are 10 Reliable VPN Services To Try

Protect Yourself Online, Here Are 10 Reliable VPN Services To Try

Malware, trackers, hacking—these are just some of the things you are exposed to when you browse the internet without any sort of protection. Whenever you go online, there’s always the risk of having your sensitive information exposed, so you have to ensure that you’re putting the necessary measures in place to stay protected.

What is a VPN?

One of the best ways you can protect yourself is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a tool that cloaks your IP address and renders you anonymous as you jump from one site to another. But with the smattering of options out there, it can be difficult to select which one to trust.

Here are some VPN solutions

To help you with your decision, here are ten tried and tested VPN services, all of which are on sale for a limited time.

1. FastestVPN

As you can probably tell by the name, FastestVPN operates with 99.9% uptime and offers access to over 350 high-speed servers around the globe, meaning you won’t have to worry about it throttling your internet speed. In addition, it also features a NAT firewall, ad blocker, anti-malware software, and a strict no-logging policy, pulling all the stops to keep you protected when you’re online. With this deal, you get to enjoy the preventative measures you need to ensure your family’s digital safety and security—for life.

Get FastestVPN: Lifetime Subscription (5 Devices) for $19.99 (reg. $600).

2. Surfshark VPN

Love accessing content from different parts of the globe? Surfshark has over 500 torrent-friendly servers and provides unlimited data, letting you sidestep pesky geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite content at impressive speeds. With military-grade AES-256-GCM encryption and IKev2 and OpenVPN protocol, your tracking activity will never be tracked and all your data will remain private.

Get Surfshark VPN: 3-Yr Subscription for $83.99 (Reg. $430).

3. VPNSecure

Get the peace of mind you need when you browse the Internet with VPNSecure’s encrypted, zero-logging service. It never maintains logs on your browsing movements and uses Stealth VPN to render your VPN traffic unrecognizable. Thanks to the Smart DNS component, it also lets you bypass annoying geographical restrictions, so you can enjoy any content you wish to access.

Get VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription for $19.99 (Reg. $450).

4. Ivacy VPN

You can enjoy P2P file-sharing with absolute anonymity and blazing fast speeds with this VPN that happens to be official partners with National Cyber Security Alliance. Connecting to more than 450 servers in over 100 locations worldwide, it lets you defeat geo-restrictions and embrace true internet freedom. With the NAT Firewall add-on, you can block scans and requests from hackers trying to tap into unprotected devices.

Get Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription + NAT Firewall for $59.99 (Reg. $1,254).

5. BulletVPN

A solid option for beginners, BulletVPN delivers reliable and secure service without the hassle. It uses industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your traffic from eavesdroppers, allowing you to enhance your browsing, content viewing, and gaming experience. With a massive global network, you can unblock top video sites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more, wherever you are in the world.

Get BulletVPN: Lifetime Subscription for $38.99 (Reg. $540).

6. Disconnect VPN

Did you know that without a VPN, trackers are secretly working to harvest your personal information? Sometimes, it’s for things like monitoring what ads to show you. Other times, it’s for nefarious purposes. But if you have Disconnect VPN, you can block trackers and malware across your entire device, allowing you to browse up to 44% faster, using up to 39% less bandwidth. It even drastically improves your battery life.

Get Disconnect VPN Premium: Lifetime Subscription for $19.99 (Reg. $300).

7. NordVPN

A critically-acclaimed VPN service earning five stars from PC Mag, CNET, and TrustPilot, NordVPN is a bulletproof security solution that allows you to dodge browsing restrictions and enjoy private, unrestricted access. All data sent through its tunnels is double encrypted, resulting in complete anonymity across the Internet. In the event that the VPN connection drops, whatever site you’re on automatically shuts down, so no data is revealed.

Get NordVPN: 2-Yr Subscription for $89 (Reg. $286).

8. KeepSolid VPN

Unlike most VPN services, VPN Unlimited features a simple interface so you can enjoy privacy and security without the fuss. Also, no speed or bandwidth limits are imposed, and it has nifty features like Trusted Networks, Ping Tests, and Favorite Servers that make browsing better. Plus, with a variety of VPN protocols, including IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and KeepSolid Wise, you can rest assured that your online activity is protected.

Get KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription for $39.99 (Reg. $199).

9. Goose VPN

Browse the Internet without worrying about anything with Goose VPN’s litany of security features. Furthermore, it offers a no-logging policy, zero geo-restrictions, and a heavily encrypted tunnel, so you can access anything without anyone seeing what you are doing. Whether you’re streaming your favorite films or buying goods online, this VPN keeps your personal, sensitive data totally secured.

Get Goose VPN: 2-Yr Subscription for $19.99 (Reg. $349).

10. Hop VPN

Want to have access to your own private VPN server? Hop eliminates the need for a VPN service provider and simplifies the process of hosting and connecting to an Internet-routing VPN access point. From the comfort of your home, you can create a Hop server, and your traffic automatically gets routed out to the Internet, indistinguishable from your normal, home-based Internet usage. It essentially lets you turn your home into a VPN server, giving you internet freedom.

Get Hop VPN: Lifetime Subscription for $39.99 (Reg. $148).

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