Pusha T’s Wife Stirs Debate After Saying She Felt Like An ‘Oddball’ Around Women With Fake Bodies

Nowadays, no one gets away with sharing their opinion without hearing from the spectators.

Pusha T’s wife, Virginia Williams, welcomed fans to catch up with her during an Instagram Q&A session on Sunday, but one follower’s question, in particular, may not have been answered the way everyone would have liked.

“Was it hard dating a celebrity in the beginning?” the anonymous follower asked, according to a screenshot posted by The Shade Room. “How do you handle it now?

“If I’m being honest, INITIALLY the only thing hard about it was being ok with being the oddball in the room…not looking like a ‘rapper girlfriend/wife,’” Williams wrote in her response. “I used to feel awkward amongst the women who had a fake a*s, bodycon dress and cake face, but for a while now, I’ve thought I’m way cooler.”


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The social media audience was sitting ready for this, and some Instagram users did not agree with her perspective. “It’s ok to be who u are but don’t knock others in the process, it defeats your positive message and makes you look shady and petty, as if ur really discussing someone u dislike or one of his ex’s,” one TSR follower wrote, describing her as “uppity.”

“As soon as you leverage other women and put them down to make your point, it’s no longer speaking your truth. It’s projecting your insecurities,” a second user chimed in before someone else added, “If she wanna look like a picnic cloth, have at it, me, my SHEIN cart, and lashes don’t care😂😂😂😂😂. Dressing more conservative doesn’t make you different….. it’s giving projection.”

While some sounded off in opposition, others defended Williams’ words.

“I’m sure a lot of women comfortable in their own skin can relate. It’s good to have these examples be vocal for our young girls to see,” one fan said, while another added, “Y’all make everything a issue she can’t even embrace her naturalness I would feel like the oddball being the only natural woman in a room full of fake ones.”

“I don’t think she meant any harm. Look around, the women who made her feel odd are typically the ones who get wifed up by athletes or rappers. The industry pushing ‘man made bodies’ It’s a true observation, but her husband seen something different in her which is why she’s in her position.”