QuickSilva Shares His Tips for DJs Impacted by COVID-19
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QuickSilva Shares His Tips for DJs Impacted by COVID-19

Radio personality and entrepreneur QuickSilva. (Photo: Courtesy of QuickSilva)

QuickSilva is known as the “The Party Kingpin,” but that title does not tell the whole story. For 25 years the Baltimore native has consistently delivered an experience to party goers and radio listeners.

He’s been named Mix Show Power Summit’s East Coast DJ of The Year, Washington, D.C.’s most popular DJ for six consecutive years, Global Spin Award’s Breakthrough DJ and National Club DJ of the Year, Source magazine’s Power 30 DJs and one of the Top 10 DJs in the country, BET 106 & Park’s guest DJ, and NFL legend Ray Lewis’ personal DJ.

Host of the syndicated The QuickSilva Show, heard weekdays 3 PM -7 PM in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Columbus, and worldwide on-air and online, he’s got 1 million listeners.

Accolades aside, QuickSilva has consistently taken his listeners on a journey. Whether they were having a great night at a club or listening on the radio, QuickSilva’s goal has been to make people have a good time. Unfortunately for most a good time quickly came to a halt as COVID-19 placed heavy restrictions on the nightlife industry. 

“These are unprecedented times which have been devastating for bars and clubs, and for those employed in the industry,” says QuickSilva. 

A staunch entrepreneur, QuickSilva has firsthand experience of COVID-19’s effects as an owner in the nightlife industry and a DJ. Two of QuickSilva’s businesses, Club Downtown Bmore and Quick and Eazy DJ Academy, have both seen an impact from the pandemic. 

“I’ve been very blessed throughout my life coming from where I’ve come from. By the time I turned 18, I lost both of my parents, got shot, and almost lost my life to tragic accidents. Life will take you through many circumstances but I’ve never allowed my circumstances dictate my future. This pandemic is no different,” he says.

“Initially I did not think that this would be as serious as it is, but I quickly realized that I had to two options and that was to fold or adapt. My business manager and I sat down and started to plan out how I was going to stay relevant during this crisis.”

There are many DJs that were solely relying on their bar and club nights as their source of income but when stay-at-home orders and restrictions hit, incomes were also impacted.

QuickSilva’s message to DJs is, “you have to figure out something that will make you stand out.” 

It is important to pivot, adjust, and create during these uncertain times that we are experiencing. There is no quick fix. 

“What you can do is develop a plan to stay relevant, to build and grow your audience, and continue to brand,” says QuickSilva. “In addition you may have to readjust your life to fit your income. Be honest with yourself about your current income during these times and make the tough decisions in order for you to come out with your head above water.”