Quincy Brown On Carrying The Combs Family Legacy, ‘It’s All About The Music Now’

Quincy Brown and his brothers are front and center in MTV’s newest series “Family Legacy” where they relive some of Diddy’s most iconic moments and share how they’re carrying on the family legacy.

The “Dope” star takes on an even bigger role in the show that’s set to premiere Tuesday, April 25 on Paramount+ as the narrator in all five episodes. A few celebrity offspring dig through thousands of hours of exclusive MTV footage of their parents, who happen to be some of music’s biggest stars, to take fans on a nostalgic tour of their mom or dad’s most celebrated MTV moments.

Quincy appeared in one episode alongside his brothers Justin and Christian Combs and says the experience helped him take more pride in the meaningful contributions his family has made to the culture.

“The whole thing is just surreal to be able to look at my life and see that sense of a history,” he told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“Sometimes growing up, you do so much and you’re on to the next. Everything that you do is obviously a part of your legacy, and this was that true reminder of how blessed my family is. How much work my family has put in, how much impact on culture.”

Other celebrity kids featured in the series include CJ Wallace, the son of The Notorious B.I.G. and Faith Evans, Nathan Morris II, the son of Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris, Sy’Rai Smith, the daughter of Brandy, and Tron Austin, the son of TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, among others.


The eldest of Diddy’s sons, Quincy grew up in the industry having been raised by the Bad Boy creator and maintaining a relationship with his biological father, singer Al B Sure. He already has broke ground as an actor with roles in films like “Dope,” “Brotherly Love,” and TV shows like “Star,” and “Raising Kanan.”

But Quincy has a natural passion for music that he wants the world to take notice of.

“It’s that time where it’s like ‘alright, how can I structure this out to really make y’all understand where this passion lies for this music,'” he explained.

“People see me do music and they think, I may just be doing it cause of Puff or I may be doing it cause of Al B. Sure.”

“But where my passion exists in the creating of it may not be apparent to people.”

Quincy is a multifaceted talent who describes himself as a “genre-less” musician who sees “color” when it comes to creating, hence why he’s dabbled in so many different art forms. But now, at the age of 31, Quincy is determined to make the masses understand where his passion truly lies.

“I feel like this new round of efforts is going to really shape people’s perception of me in this music,” he said. “I cut my hair. It’s a lot of things that are going into play right now to really make you understand the passion there. It’s all about the music now.”

Speaking of cutting his hair, Quincy’s newest release includes his twin sisters Jessie and D’Lila Combs who appear in the music video to help their big brother get ready for a blind date. The video shows his 16-year-old twin sisters styling him and even cutting his hair ahead of his night out.

Quincy shared the inspiration behind the song and visuals with “Face Off” serving as an ode to being your true self.

“It just represents stripping it all the way to really meet in the middle to be truly yourself,” he said.

It was only right to say true to the Combs’ “Family Legacy” and feature his sisters in the music video. Quincy lists it as a nod to being the “unifier” in his famous family.

“I got like a little piece of everybody,” he said. “I think that’s kind of where I fit in and stand out. I’m not like everybody, I’m like a unifier. I’m that bridge to the gap.”