Don’t Come for Quinta: ‘Abbott Elementary’ Star Quinta Brunson Responds to Erroneous Tweet From Educator

The feistiness and quick sharp wittiness of Quinta Brunson was on display last week when she responded to an educator who erroneously reported that she attended a charter school for “her entire education.

According to Buzzfeed News, educator Jeanne Allen, Center of Education Reform leader, posted a Tweet last Thursday criticizing Brunson and her television show, Abbott Elementary. In a recent episode, Brunson’s character, a second-grade teacher at an underfunded elementary school, and the rest of the school’s staff push back against a campaign to turn Abbott into a charter school. To shame Brunson for the actions on a fictional television show, she accuses her of attending charter schools “her entire education” and that she “reportedly loved it at the time.”

“I’ll share it again. The creator, lead writer and co-producer of @AbbottElemABC @quintabrunson is from West Philly and attended charter schools her entire education. She reportedly loved it at the time, heaped praise on it. Once upon a time. Guess money talks.”

Brunson replied to Allen by disputing some of the things she mentioned in her Tweet.

“you’re wrong and bad at research. I only attended a charter for high school. My public elementary school was transitioned to charter over a decade after I left. I did love my high school. That school is now defunct- which happens to charters often.”

She then adds that “loving something doesn’t mean it can’t be critiqued” before thanking the educator for watching Abbott Elementary.

“Loving something doesn’t mean it can’t be critiqued. Thanks for watching the show :)

After responding to Brunson addressing her tweet and the mischaracterization of her education, she asked, “why isn’t it all about the kids?”

“Talented TV writer @QuintaBrunson was peeved at my pointing out she attended charter schools while writing a show that consistently attacks. She quibbled with the facts. I responded. The real question is, why isn’t it all about the kids @AbbottElemABC?”

So far, no further response from Brunson.