Quinta Brunson, The New Face of Olay, Celebrates Her First-Ever Beauty Partnership

Quinta Brunson is sizzling with new achievements.

On Monday, the multi-hyphenate creative — actor, producer and comedian — was named the new face of Olay for its Retinol24+ Peptide Night collection, People reported.

The stunning gig marks Brunson’s first-ever beauty partnership, with Brunson attributing the achievement to her childhood and her mother.

“Olay is such an iconic and trusted brand, and I’m so happy to be partnering with them because of that trust that people have [in] their product,” she told the magazine.


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Brunson shared that the 70-year-old brand has been a part of her life “for a long time,” dating back to her childhood when her mom considered it one of her “ultimate pick ups.”

For someone who doesn’t love to wear too much makeup, the Abbott Elementary creator, writer, and executive producer feels it’s “important for me to feel actually more comfortable walking into my writers room, having a bare face.”

“It’s funny because the [brand’s] tagline is ‘Face Anything,’ but I truly do feel like I’m able to do that with just this line of products,” Brunson added.

She continued to open up about her skincare routine, while confirming her confidence in Olay’s Retinol24 + Peptide collection.

The 32-year-old star is the leading lady of Olay’s new campaign showcasing the Retinol24+Peptide Night Moisturizer, Retinol24 Night Eye Cream and Retinol24 Night Serum. They are all priced at $29.

Brunson believes that the collection’s simple application and accessibility is a reflection of her beauty philosophy: “I believe everything should be for everyone,” she said.

Making Emmy history as the first Black woman to earn three nominations in the comedy category for Abbott Elementary, Brunson is adamant about using her beauty philosophy in her creative projects, especially when creating the sitcom’s “very grounded, real characters.”

Brunson recalled how excited she was developing her character on the show, Janine Teagues, someone who isn’t that savvy in makeup.

“She doesn’t have to be that good at beauty yet and we can show a journey. We can show her find what her standard of beauty is. She already has a unique sense of style, and that’s something that people at first were really apprehended by, but then really charmed by, and I think that’s really sweet,” Brunson said.

Throughout her work, Brunson aims to represent “short girls [and] Black girls,” adding that “it’s always cool to be able to show how we shine.”

The Olay campaign comes with another milestone for the actor, she will portray Oprah Winfrey in the upcoming Weird: The Al Yankovic StoryBLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported.