Ohio State University West Campus sign

Racist and Antisemitic Graffiti Found In Ohio State University Building Sparks Investigation

An investigation at the University of Ohio was prompted after racist and antisemitic graffiti was found in one of the institution’s academic buildings.

According to NBC 4i News, a report was filed by an Ohio State police officer on Monday after an employee discovered slurs and hate symbols spray-painted on multiple stairwell walls. The incident reportedly happened sometime between November 9 and November 12 in the Hitchcock Hall engineering building.

The report noted a swastika, other pro-Nazi images, and the phrase “White Power Zone” on the basement level of the building. In addition, the phrase, “Whites Only” was spray-painted in red on the stairwell, along with another Black slur the officer reported seeing on the third floor.

Ohio State President Kristina M. Johnson released a university-wide statement condemning the actions.

“There is no room for hate in our home,” Johnson said. “The university is where we work and live — and we will not tolerate violations of the values, principles and behaviors that constitute the shared values we agree to uphold when we become part of Ohio State.”

According to a spokesperson, the graffiti has been removed along with the ongoing investigation.

“Training on racist thoughts but also on antisemitism to ensure that students are working with the university to ensure that we have a united front against racism and hatred,” said undergraduate Student Government president Andrew Pierce II to WBNS.

“You know what does it truly mean to be a loving neighbor? And the fact that we’re still having to have these conversations shows that we’re not there yet but I’m ready to have the conversation.”

Students, staff, and campus visitors are encouraged to report discrimination, harassment, and hate speech to Ohio State’s Office of Institutional Equity here or by calling 614-247-5838.

“If you are subjected to or witness any acts of intimidation or threats, please notify Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety at 614-292-2121. Always call 9-1-1 in an emergency,” Johnson stated.