Black Girl Speaks Out After Racist Attack At Kansas High School

Black Girl Speaks Out After Racist Attack At Kansas High School

Brey'anna Brown, the 15-year Black female student that hospitalized and suspended following a racist attack at her Kansas high school, speaks out for justice.

Following a racist incident at Shawnee Missions East High School in Kansas, the victim, a Black female student, is finally speaking out with her side of the story. Brey’anna Brown was physically attacked by a white male classmate, who also hurled racial slurs at her.

The 15-year-old girl has been the subject of calls for justice following her suspension due to the Nov. 15 incident, as fellow students, faculty, and communal supporters have participated in protests against the unfairness. Brown spoke about the ordeal to local news station KCTV, telling reporters that her suspended classmate should “take a lesson” from his actions.

“He should have never put his hands on me. He should take a lesson from this and move on and do something different,” expressed Brown.

A rally was attended by nearly 100 people on Nov. 30, as the community of Prairie Village, KS, demanded the systemic racism that led to the assault at the high school be acknowledged. Alongside her parents, Brown urged her school district to take a more definitive stance against her attacker by expelling him from the school. Her father, Shaun Brown Sr., stated how the school was unhelpful in aiding his daughter, who had to be hospitalized.

“We personally had to take her to the emergency room. That is never acceptable,” said the concerned father. “My daughter, with obvious injuries to her face, broken nose, she had knots all on her forehead, the whole nine yards. I don’t understand how they could just sit there and not get her medical attention.”

While many consider the altercation to be a hate crime, given its racist motivation, the school has yet to deem the matter as such, prompting the undisclosed white student from receiving more significant consequences, such as the desired expulsion. Despite this, Brown is keeping her head held high, encouraging others to continue advocating for justice,

“Even if you get in trouble for sticking up for someone else or sticking up for yourself, still, you did the right thing and keep doing what you’re doing.”

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